As we grow in 2017, we’re introducing the newest part of our expansion: micro-batch beer.

One of the privileges we carry as a small-batch craft brewery is the ability to hone the finest details in all of the beers we brew. Sometimes, our recipes we develop demand more attention (i.e. more labor, more time, more care) that can only be properly provided in even smaller batch sizes.


As many visitors to our brewery have already tasted, we’re enjoying this smaller small-batch ability to its fullest. The ingredients have been challenging to brew with but fulfilling in their rewards. Hand-picked/plucked spearmint, local raw honey, grated ginger, open-kettle cane sugar. All of them have been welcome ingredients in our pantry, served through our taps.


We’re developing these more in 2017 than we have in our other 5 years combined. It’s allowed us to reach out beyond beer to find anything interesting and welcome it into the brewhouse.

And we do what we can to serve those ingredients and our beer proper justice.

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